Half-Moon Canopy

Half Moon Canopy, as the name suggests, it looks like a half moon from the outside, and it looks like a dome from the inside. This kind of canopy has a significant advantage which is the large ceiling area. It allows maximum flexibility for installation of fan, lighting and also make the events decoration a breeze. However, extra ventilation is strongly recommended by us as hot air might be trapped within the canopy, thereby making the confined environment hot and stuffy. Therefore, an air ventilator can simply solve all your problems. Air ventilators can be easily installed in our canopy to improve the air circulation, by bringing fresh air and releasing hot air out from the canopy. Of course, if you are hosting a night event, you wouldn’t face this kind of issue.



Our half moon canopy is uniquely design not only serves for functional purpose but also constitutes aesthetic values. As a leading canopy supplier based in Malaysia, we have a lot of selections for Half Moon Canopy in variety of colors, sizes and design to match all types of events and settings. Most importantly, they are available at affordable rates, so as to attain higher levels of client satisfaction.