Pyramid Canopy

Pyramid Canopy Tent is one of the most popular choices for various kinds of events. As the Canopy Supplier in Malaysia, our Pyramid Canopy Tent can be adapted to be any size, design, shape and color. Be it a birthday party or a grand ceremony, our Pyramid Canopy Tent save your events from unpredictable weather, especially in the equatorial zone like Malaysia, which is hot and wet all year round.

All our products such as canopies, tents and shades are custom-made. If you have any enquiries, please contact us for more information and we’ll assist you in what you need.



Our Pyramid Canopy is made from PVC-coated polyester fabric, which is twice as strong as cotton. This kind of material has high tensile and tear strength. Also, PVC-coated polyester is very durable and completely waterproof, making the canopy strong enough to withstand heavy downpour and extreme temperature. However, please bear in mind that the higher the peak of canopy, the higher the cost of materials and workmanship. All in all, they are made not only durable but also provide a better shade for everyone. Indeed, our products are built with versatility and durability in mind. So, are you looking for a quality Pyramid Canopy for your next outdoor event? Look no further, as we are your trusted Canopy Tent Supplier in Malaysia, which offer unparalleled products at reasonable prices.